New York Window Cleaner Survives 47-Storey Fall

Officials in New York are trying to work out how a window-cleaner survived a 47-storey fall from a skyscraper.

Brothers fell from skyscraper

They think 37-year-old Alcides Moreno clung on to a piece of his platform as he fell – and it acted as a surfboard in the air, slowing his fall.

He remains in critical condition in hospital but has been able to move his arms and legs and open his eyes.

Dr Sheldon Teperman, at Jacobi Medical Centre in The Bronx, told the New York Post: “Fifty per cent of people who fall four to five storeys die.

“By the time you reach 10 or 11 storeys, just about everyone dies. This guy absolutely should have died.”

Mr Moreno’s brother Edgar, 30, died in the same fall.

The pair, working for City Wide Window Cleaning, were on top of the Solow Tower, a luxury apartment block in the city’s Upper West Side.

Officials suspect their cables were not secured properly and they were either dragged or fell off the top of the building.

The pair would have fallen at a speed of about 124mph, the speed at which gravity pulling someone down is balanced by upward air friction.

But Alcides Moreno was clinging on to a 1,250lb piece of scaffolding, called a Louisville Ladder, which may have slowed his fall.

His landing position could also have made a difference in helping to save him when he hit the ground, experts said.

He suffered numerous broken bones, collapsed lungs, blood clots on the brain, damaged kidneys and other internal injuries.

But Stefan Bright, safety director for the International Window Cleaners Association, told the paper Mr Moreno was lucky.

He said: “Window washers have fallen six feet and died.”


One response to “New York Window Cleaner Survives 47-Storey Fall

  1. Wow what a very lucky man!

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