Hospital makes cleanliness pledge

An independent inspection of a hospital in Buckinghamshire has found dirty linen mixed with clean items.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) found cupboards at Milton Keynes General cluttered with “an inappropriate mix of clean and dirty items”.

The CQC, formerly the Healthcare Commission, said it also visited five clinical areas which appeared clean.

The hospital met standards in three out of four categories during the unannounced visit in February.

Hospital pledge

The CQC said the trust must improve communication between its infection control team (ICT) and managers.

It also said it must make sure all parts of its premises were kept clean and that records of how often cleaning took place were publicly available.

It went on to say the hospital must make sure the cleaning arrangements were detailed and understood by relevant staff.

Tony Halton, the trust’s director of nursing, who is also the director of infection prevention and control, said: “Since the Healthcare Commission visited in February we’ve continued our work to make sure that cleaning schedules are put up in wards.”

He said there was also an effort “to make sure our dirty utility and cleaning cupboards are always clean and tidy (and) to make sure our ventilation policies are up to date”.


One response to “Hospital makes cleanliness pledge

  1. Cleaning is taken very seriously here at Being busy people, we know how hard it is to fit cleaning into our daily lives – let’s face it, how many of us want to spend a day cleaning when we could be out doing something much more entertaining. everywhere of the world hospitals are always dirty.

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