Templar Contract Cleaners Seminar


On the 7th of October 2009 Millards Office Cleaning London in conjunction with Templa Computer Systems are hosting a seminar specifically for the contract cleaning industry. The seminar will focus on how companies in this industry can benefit from one complete solution which covers all the key departments of the business: sales, operations and finance.

Running a cleaning company can be a complex and time consuming task. With so much information to manage about contracts, customers, employees, enquiries and much more, it is easy to understand why having an effective management system in place becomes vital.

Some of the common problems the industry faces are:

• Multiple systems to do one job
• No true contract management
• Limited control of stores
• Paying wages incorrectly

Templa will demonstrate how Templa-CMS can solve the above and many more issues the
industry face.

The seminar lasts two hours from 2pm to 4pm and is situated in St. James Square in London. If you wish to book an appointment or if you have an enquirey then please email or phone Templar, to find out the details go to http://templa-cms.com/events.aspx.


One response to “Templar Contract Cleaners Seminar

  1. A common problem with the industry is that many managers don’t respect their staff or don’t take the job very seriously, but cleaning is a serious business and is very important.

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