Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips

1)      The Right Stuff: Make sure you’re using professional grade equipment. Only use the very best squeegees, cloths, sponges, soaps and applicators. When you clean a client’s windows you want them to want you to come back! We shop here:

2)      Look After Your Tools: Once you’ve paid for all your gear, the last thing you want is to have to keep shelling out for replacement kit. Wipe your squeegees after use, and don’t wipe down window sills with it, you’ll damage the blade. Use a cheaper plastic number on window sills. Don’t rest your brushes against walls. And if you’re using a Water Fed Pole, wind the hose in neatly after you’re finished, they’ll last longer that way and be easier to unwind on the next job.

3)      Quality Not Quantity: Yes the client’s got a lot of windows to clean, and yes, you want to get through them as quickly as possible, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your work. Less speed more haste!

4)      Watch The Sunrise: one of the cardinal rules of Window Cleaning is: NEVER wash windows in direct sunlight. Never. Sunlight superheats the glass and will result in streaks.

5)      Be Safe: Wear the right gear. Make sure your Personal Protective Equipment is in good shape. Carry out a risk assessment before each job. And if you’re using a ladder to clean windows, make sure the ladder has a safety device. And make sure your operatives are fully trained in all aspects of Health and Safety.

6)      Battling the Elements: When it’s windy, work with the wind to avoid your spray landing on windows you’ve already cleaned.

7)      Under The Knife: Keep a small sharp knife or razor on hand at all times to scrape off any bird muck or residual adhesive on any of the windows.

8)      Best Behaviour: When on a job, be polite and smile, don’t use bad language or smoke around the client or their property.  And go the extra mile for new clients. First impressions count.

9)      Love The Environment: don’t use too much water, just enough to clean the windows properly.

10)   Insurance: You would expect a professional company to be extensively insured. Your clients are placing you in a position of trust, don’t let them down.

For more information on Professional Window Cleaning and Office Cleaning, contact Millards Cleaning Services on 020 7836 2601. Or a for a free quotation visit the website:


3 responses to “Top 10 Window Cleaning Tips

  1. Good post!blog is very knowledge sharing.
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  2. all professional window cleaners know how to clean windows in direct sunlight without leaving streaks, it is part of the job.

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