Extreme Window Cleaning

Here at Millards Cleaning Services in Covent Garden, we clean the windows of some of London’s most prestigious businesses. Our window cleaning team is one of the best and most experienced in Central London. Our guys will clean anything anywhere. But even we had to doff our caps to the chaps who clean the windows of the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Standing 828 metres or 2,717 feet tall, The Khalifa Tower, as it is also know, is the first part of the new 2km squared flagship development called Downtown Dubai at The First Interchange along Sheikh Zayed Road near the city’s major business district.

The tower has a total of 24,348 windows covering 120,000 square metres – that’s well over 1 million square feet of glass. To wash the windows, horizontal tracks were fixed to the outside of the tower on the 40th, 73rd and 109th floors. Each track can hold a 1,500kg bucket machine that can move both horizontally and vertically using heavy cables. Above floor 109 up to tier 27, traditional cradles from davits are used.

The top of the spire is cleaned by hand. Specialist window cleaners brave the heights, the wind and the extreme weather with nothing but the more traditional rope and pully systems keeping them suspended in the air.

Here’s a couple of videos to show you just how high these guys go:


In normal conditions, cleaning all of those windows takes a team of 36 highly trained window cleaning specialists three to four months. Quite spectacular we’re sure you’ll agree.

Closer to home, if you’re looking for a highly trained, professional and competitively priced office or window cleaning service, you really can’t go wrong with Millards Cleaning Services.

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  1. That is insane! How brave are those guys?!

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