London Window Cleaners to get the best seats in town for the Greatest Show on Earth

Window Cleaners in London will reportedly get the best seats in the house for the 2012 Olympic Games next year. Sheffield firm Rostek-UK have installed a monorail system that will carry two powered cradles around both towers at Pioneer Point in Ilford. The equipment, that will carry two people responsible for cleaning Pioneer Point’s windows and facilities, cost £200,000, and was designed to allow window cleaners access to all the windows on the 33 and 25 story buildings.

Rostek-UK won the contract and was appointed by London and Regent Construction with the specific brief to allow cleaning companies to be able to access all external parts of both towers. The monorail system will negotiate a number of tight bends and vertical section, with two self-hoisting cradles running alongside.

Among the other views available to any intrepid window cleaners are Canary Wharf, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Gherkin.


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