Window Cleaning Wallies

We here at Millards Cleaning Services, London, know how brave you have to be to be a professional window cleaner. It’s not easy, and it is considered one of the most hazardous jobs in the UK. Without the proper safety equipment and necessary training, it’s a very risky, potentially lethal, undertaking. In the first part of a new series, with a little help from a few budding window cleaners, and a handful of so called professional window cleaners, we’d like to show you how it’s NOT done.

This gentleman should really know better. He’s obviously a professional window cleaner, but he’s still out on that ledge with no safety equipment.

Office Window Cleaning London

Out on the window ledge

This professional window cleaner’s clearly got all the gear but know idea.

Window Cleaners London

All The Gear But No Idea

Somebody get this old lady a professional window cleaning firm! Can you imagine your grandmother out on her window sill, cleaning her own windows like this?!

London Window Cleaners

In serious need of a Professional Window Cleaning Company!

Now this window cleaner, this guy gives us the willies just looking at him. Look at how precarious his ladder is balanced on that ledge that’s barely wide enough for it to lean on! That’s the very dictionary definition of “an accident waiting to happen”.

West End Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning Wally

But this Gentleman has to take this month’s Craziest Window Cleaner Award. Look a) how high up he is *shudders* and b) how nonchalantly he’s leaning out of his window, dozens of floors above the ground, without a single safety device in sight. There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity…

Covent Garden Window CLeaners

Window Cleaning Madness!

Window Cleaning Central London high up?!?!?!

Have you got any pictures of window cleaning madness you want to share with us?

And if you’ve got inaccessible windows that need cleaning, don’t break your neck, it’s best left to the professionals. At Millards Cleaning Services, London we offer a very professional window and office cleaning service, at a very competitive rate.

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