Cleaners To Play Vital Role In Cleaning Up 2012 Olympics

Cleaners and security staff are set to play a large role in next year’s Olympics, by informing on doping cheats during the summer’s games.

Anti-doping officials have said that they’ll be training cleaners and other staff to spot suspicious behaviours and material, and encouraging them to report any findings.

Next year’s games will see a record 5,000 tests for performance enhancing drugs and researchers believe that testing based on intelligence gleamed from cleaning staff, as well as law enforcement officers will be more effective than ever before.

Anti-doping officials maintain that even with a “world record” amount of testing, the chances of catching any cheats are still very slim.

Speaking at a meeting in London, Jonathan Harris said that gathering as much information as possible from as many sources as possible, was paramount to catching as many doping athletes as possible. And this was where the cleaners came in.

“There will be intelligence sources coming from security and from cleaning for example – these are functional areas that have been involved in anti-doping in previous games, we will be educating those personnel in those functional areas so that if they should come across behaviours that are untoward they share that information with us”

There have been a number of occasions in previous Olympics where cleaning staff have come across materials that may have been evidence of doping. For example, at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, cleaners found blood transfusion equipment in the rubbish of a house that was being used by the Austrian Ski Team, who later had several team members banned for failing doping tests.


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