Window Cleaning World Record Holder…

…is Terry “Turbo” Burrows . Now some of you might remember we mentioned this gentleman before in our blog. Well we tracked down the video of terry actually breaking the World record for the fastest window cleaner in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Fastest Window Cleaner in The World

Martial Arts specialist, Terry Burrows, aka “Turbo Terry”, 54, smashed the record cleaning three individual, 4ft (1.2m) high windows in just 9.14 seconds at the 2009 window cleaning competition-setting the new world record for the Fastest window cleaner.

The record could’ve been an even greater 8.14 seconds, but Terry was deducted a full second after two water marks we left on the glass.

Originally from Essex, and carrying a black belt in karate, Terry has been cleaning windows for 30 years, he said his success was due “to moving the body in sequence”.

“I clean the windows in just 16 moves, and it’s pretty intense,” he said.

Window Cleaners Conference

Terry was at annual Federation of Window Cleaners Conference and decided to try and beat his previous best of 9.24 seconds.

That’s pretty fast, even for a window that measures 45 square inches, but what makes Terry’s achievement even more impressive, is that competition rules state that he must THREE windows and wipe the sill. There are time penalties for leaving any water marks on the glass, and you are only allowed to use a maximum squeegee size of 12 inches.

Terry said: “I’m elated to have shaved so much time off my record. It’s extremely hard, it takes a while to warm up and I drove 270 miles this morning so I wasn’t feeling too fresh. By my fourth time, however, I was back in the zone and actually managed to clean the planes in 8.14 seconds with two half-second time penalties.” He smashed his first record in 1995 as part of TV show Record Breakers with a speed of 9.99 seconds.

In 2005 he broke his own Guinness world record for the Fastest window cleaner during The Cleaning Show at NEC Birmingham with a 9.24 second time.

Window Cleaning World Record

Of this performance Terry said: “I’d never say never as far as beating my own record again goes, but at the end of the day, a man can only go so fast. “I would love to die with my world record and know I went as the world’s fastest window cleaner.”


4 responses to “Window Cleaning World Record Holder…

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  2. The Federation of Window Cleaners had a continual flow of visitors to their stand at the Windex /Carpex exhibition staged at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 18th & 19th March. It was great to see so many existing members at Windex…. Plus there was a genuine interest in the association’s activities which resulted in ten new members being recruited at the show and a further 180 application packs taken over the two-day. The seminar programme proved informative for many visitors and extremely valuable for FWC in terms of recruitment. The ever popular window cleaning competition created a stir when Debbie Morris – shaved 4.65 seconds off her current Guinness record time resulting in17.77 seconds.

  3. Excellent article, thanks.

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