Music Blog #1 – Cleaning Windows – Van Morrison

Here at Millards Cleaning Services London, our operatives are prone to listening to music as they work cleaning offices or cleaning windows. So in honour of our London Window Cleaners and London Office Cleaners, we’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts with our favourite cleaning related songs.

Cleaning Windows

Number 1 in the list is the very cool Van Morrison’s Cleaning Windows from his 1982 Album Beautiful Vision.

The song was a semi-autobiographical tune about Van Morrison’s life as a part time window cleaner when he was a struggling musician playing saxophone in bands at the weekends. Rock journalist Steve Turner says that in Cleaning Windows, Van Morrison “captured the balance between his contentment at being a window cleaner and his aspirations to learn more about music. It conveyed the impression that his happiness with the mundane routine of cleaning windows, smoking woodbine cigarettes, eating Paris Buns and drinking lemonade was made possible by the promise that at the end of the day he could enter the world of books and records.”

Former Window Cleaner

Window Cleaners London

I'm happy Cleaning Windows - Van Morrison

Paul Macinnis with The Guardian wrote: “The message of the song is simple – the window cleaner‘s happy in his work – and the lyrical vignettes combined with delicate, upbeat R&B (with Mark “That ain’t working” Knopfler on guitar) convey that feeling wonderfully.”

Window Cleaning and Office Cleaning London

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And if you need a Commercial Window Cleaner in London, or an Office Cleaner in Central London, drop us a line for a free quote. You can call us on 020 7845 7147 or visit our website at</a for a Free Quote.


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  1. Excellent article, thanks.

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