Office Cleaning London – Diamond Jubilee Weekend in London

Office Cleaning London

Wow, so the Queen has been on the Throne for 60 years! There are going to be so many celebrations in London this long weekend. The Millards Head office is going to be right in the middle of it all – how lucky are we?!

As many of you know, Millards is an environmentally friendly company so it should come as no surprise for us to say; If you are going to be one of the many people celebrating the Jubilee in London this weekend, please clean up after yourself and use the litter bins provided on the streets. The whole world will be watching, we wouldn’t want onlookers to think London is an untidy city! 🙂 Right, mini lecture over!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London. We’d love to hear all about what you did to celebrate. Feel free to leave us a comment next week about what you got up to 🙂

Office Cleaning London


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