Work Experience

Recently, here at Millards in London, we had two young lads here on work experience. They had no idea how much work was involved for us to clean our clients offices in London. People tend to underestimate the lengths a cleaning company will go to to keep things ticking over.

That being said, there is never a job too big for us in London. Give us a call for a free quotation on 020 7836 2601 or visit our website


London Office Cleaning

We are always happy to help with any office cleaning in London.

Commerical Window cleaning is something we always help with in London too.

Don’t forget that we also do specialist cleaning such as carpet cleaning, spring cleaning and many more. Give us a call for more information on 020 7836 2601 or visit the website

Don’t Forget About Us…

Don’t forget, in London you have us – Millards of London – to help you with any of your office cleaning needs. Whether it be general office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or any other specialist cleaning, just get in touch…

020 7836 2601

or visit our website

Window Cleaning London

With the recent rain here in London, we know it can make your windows dirty. However, what makes it worse is when we then get some sunshine, like today, it shows up the dirt even more on your windows.

That’s where Millards of London come in. Get in touch and we can give you a free quotation for your office window cleaning, in London.

020 7836 2601

London Summertime

So the sun is shining here in London and we at Millards are very much looking forward to the weekend. Don’t forget, we’re always around to do your office cleaning and window cleaning as well as many more specialised services in London

Rain, rain go away…!

So I think it’s safe to say there’s been a lot of rain recently here in London. I guess a lot of muddy shoes have been walked through your office, but never mind.

Millards cleaning can help! We specialise in carpet cleaning and floor cleaning to offices in the London area. So call today for a free quotation.

020 7836 2601

Office Cleaning

So already, here in London, it’s come to the end of April. I wonder what May will bring for us all? Don’t forget that we are here to help every one in London with their office cleaning and window cleaning. We even do specialist other work like carpet clean and many more.

So give us a call on 020 7836 2601 for a free quotation or visit the website for more details