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London Office and Window Cleaning

Don’t forget here at Millards of London, we are here for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Has the recent rain make people walk in dirty shoes on your carpet in the office? Give us a call

Have your windows got smear marks over them? Give us a call

Does your office need dusting? Give us a call.

If your office is in London, get in touch to find out how we can help you. 020 7836 2601


London Office Cleaning

You probably know by now that we can’t get enough of cleaning offices in London and that we also love cleaning windows in London.

Thing is, as much as we love having the sunshine, it does show up more dirt and grime – especially on your windows.

So give us a call today for a free quotation to clean your office in London.

020 7836 2601

Millards Cleaning, the Central London Cleaning Company Celebrates 90th Anniversary

This year, Millards Cleaning are celebrating 90 Years of serving Central London.

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