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Good morning,

The weather recently has been a bit varied to say the least. Fortunately in London, it hasn’t been too bad compared to other places. However, there has been a fair amount of rain. This can mean that people walk their dirty, wet shoes across your office floor and/or carpet.

Do not fear!! Millards of London can help. As well as all the other cleaning services we offer, we specialise in carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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Happy 2015!!

Here at Millards of London, we would just like to say we hope you had a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!

Don’t forget we are here for all your office cleaning needs in London. For more information, just contact us on 020 7836 2601 or visit the website http://www.millardscleaning.co.uk

London Office Cleaning

We are always happy to help with any office cleaning in London.

Commerical Window cleaning is something we always help with in London too.

Don’t forget that we also do specialist cleaning such as carpet cleaning, spring cleaning and many more. Give us a call for more information on 020 7836 2601 or visit the website http://www.millardscleaning.co.uk

Rain, rain go away…!

So I think it’s safe to say there’s been a lot of rain recently here in London. I guess a lot of muddy shoes have been walked through your office, but never mind.

Millards cleaning can help! We specialise in carpet cleaning and floor cleaning to offices in the London area. So call today for a free quotation.

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Office Cleaning

So already, here in London, it’s come to the end of April. I wonder what May will bring for us all? Don’t forget that we are here to help every one in London with their office cleaning and window cleaning. We even do specialist other work like carpet clean and many more.

So give us a call on 020 7836 2601 for a free quotation or visit the website for more details http://www.millardscleaning.co.uk


Easter is approaching and here in London we are really looking forward to it.

Don’t forget we are here to help you out with your office spring cleans in London if you need it.

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All the hail the mighty squeegee!

Without it, your windows would be dirty, and we’d be out of a job. A squeegee is a window cleaners best friend, so today’s blog is dedicated to the hardest working window cleaner of all. Here are some little know squeegee facts:

1)      Squeegees were originally used by fishermen to scrape all the blood and guts from the decks of their boats.  Ewwww. Back then they used wooden blades and you wouldn’t want anyone washing your windows with one of them.

2)      The first modern day squeegee was called the Chicago Squeegee. It was big, bulky, heavy, and used two rubber blades held in place by separate screws.

3)      The modern, single blade squeegee was designed and patented by Ettore Steccone in 1936. Fashioned out of brass, it was the first rubber bladed squeegee. Ettore Products Co. is still one of the big hitters in the squeegee market today.

4)      The fastest window cleaner in the west – according to the Guinness Book of records anyway – is Terry Burrows of South Ockendon, Essex. He squeegeed his way through three standard 45” x 45” office windows in 9.24 seconds at the NEC in Birmingham in March 2005. He used an 11.8inch squeegee and 2.4 gallons of water.

5)      If you’re a professional window cleaner, you probably use the “swivel” or “fan” method, skilfully using a series of strokes combined with nimble turns that hold the water away from the leading edge of the squeegee, so that when the turn’s completed in the opposite direction, there’s no water and no dirt left behind. Takes ages to get it right!

6)      During the 9/11 attacks, window cleaner Jan Demczur freed 6 people – including himself – who were trapped in an elevator shaft in the World Trade Centre using his squeegee.

7)      Squeegees don’t just clean your windows, artists use them in screen printing, builders use them to apply grout to tiles, and even stable hands use them to remove the sweat from horses’ coats.

Have you got a squeegee fact for us?