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Office Cleaning London

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Millards Office Cleaning London

The No. 1 Cleaners in London

We specialise in office cleaning  primarily in the central London area and within the North and South Circulars.

Our offices and operations are located just off Leicester Square as we believe it is imperative to be based within our catchment area.

As we’ve been cleaning offices in central London for over 90 years, we know the area like the back of our hands.

We  provide phone sanitisation and computer cleaning for many of our clients, another popular service we provide is the supply and laundering of towels and tea towels.

We are also able to supply consumables such as paper hand towels and toilet rolls

Not only do we have first hand knowledge and experience of this area of London, we’re also on hand should any of our customers have an emergency that requires immediate assistance – be it a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a dropped tray of coffee in the middle of a board meeting.

We also have a general mobile team that are able to quickly and efficiently solve various issues.

For your peace of mind, We are fully insured.

We are an eco friendly company and fully support the Living Wage Foundation.


Office Cleaning London – Euro 2012

Have you all been watching Euro 2012?

Who do you think will win?

Here at Millards, we have noticed it’s not quite as busy in London recently – we think it’s because so many footbal fans have travelled away to Poland/Ukraine to watch the matches. I bet that is going to be a massive operation to clear up after it’s all finished!

Office Cleaning London – Diamond Jubilee Weekend in London

Office Cleaning London

Wow, so the Queen has been on the Throne for 60 years! There are going to be so many celebrations in London this long weekend. The Millards Head office is going to be right in the middle of it all – how lucky are we?!

As many of you know, Millards is an environmentally friendly company so it should come as no surprise for us to say; If you are going to be one of the many people celebrating the Jubilee in London this weekend, please clean up after yourself and use the litter bins provided on the streets. The whole world will be watching, we wouldn’t want onlookers to think London is an untidy city! 🙂 Right, mini lecture over!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London. We’d love to hear all about what you did to celebrate. Feel free to leave us a comment next week about what you got up to 🙂

Office Cleaning London

London Office Cleaning – Mouritz Botha: Carpet Cleaner to England International

England International washed carpets for an office cleaning company

In previous blog posts here at Millards Office Cleaning and Window Cleaning Services, we’ve already uncovered some famous celebrities who used to be Office Cleaners and Window Cleaners before they were famous,. Well now we’ve one more to add to that list; England Rugby player Mouritz Botha.

Office Cleaning London

Mouritz Botha running at Scotland during England’s victory against Scotland at Murrayfield.

Before staring in both England’s first two victories in this seasons Six Nations, the 30 year old Saracens lock had a longer journey than most to make it to the Big Time.

Born in Vryheid, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, he was rejected for being too small to cut the mustard professionally by a whole host of rugby teams in his native country.

Instead of losing heart, Botha’s response was to email several English clubs and see if he could get on any teams over here. One team, Bedford Athletic, got back in touch and offered him a trial. In 2004 Bedford Athletic played in the National league Three North, and actually dropped out of that division in Bothra’s first season. This meant he had to find work elsewhere to supplement his income as he and the rest of the team struggled to get back in the league.

Washing Carpets for an Office Cleaning Company to England Star

Washing carpets for an office cleaning company proved a strong test for the South African. “It was the most difficult job I’ve ever done”, he said. “It was crazy hours and not something I really enjoyed! Back at the office there was a tumble dryer about three metres high. I dried the carpets and then had to roll and fold them. I would about six tons a day, which was brutal. The shifts were from six in the morning until two in the afternoon. Then I’d go home, have a nap, and go to training.”

Office Cleaners London

Mouritz Bothra was equally as impressive in England’s tense victory over Italy a week later.

Botha’s hard work and dedication, self-belief finally paid off and he became a full time professional for Bedford Blues in 2006.

“I always believed I could get here, I always had a deep-down belief,” he said. “But it doesn’t count for much as you have to convince a lot of other people that you can do it and that takes time. It’s been a long road and I’m very pleased to get here. There was always hope along the way but to achieve it finally has been brilliant. When I came over originally it was to have a shot at playing professional rugby in England. It was a long shot and I knew it would be hard work but through determination and staying focused I achieved it in the end.”

Millards Office Cleaning Services

If you have any office cleaning or window cleaning needs, and you need the best, look no further than Millards Cleaning Services. The best contract cleaners in London.

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Window Cleaning in London to be revolutionised by new super spray

Window Cleaning breakthrough

NeverWet coating could revolutionise the way we clean windows. A brand new silicone spray from manufacturers Ross Nanotech actually repels dirty water and oils, leaving surfaces not only clean, but practically bacteria free.

Implications for London Window Cleaners

The implications for window cleaning in London are obvious – it could be made so much easier as it is impossible for dirt or grease to attach themselves to any glass buildings or windows.

Window Cleaners London

NeverWet could revolutionise the way Window Cleaning is done in London

As well as protecting buildings and glass from dirt, the manufacturers claim the spray will minimise ice build-up and actually works up to six times better as an anti-corrosive than other poly-urethane coatings.
The most interesting of application though is for the hospital industry, as NeverWet claim the coating – originally designed to be used in hospitals – reduces the threat of bacteria to virtually zero as no dirty oils or water can come in contact with any surfaces.

Exciting time for Window Cleaners in London

If you have any office cleaning or window cleaning needs, and you need the best, look no further than Millards Cleaning Services. The best contract cleaners in London.

For a FREE QUOTE, just give us a call on 020 7845 7147, or visit our website at http://www.millardscleaning.co.uk/.

Window Cleaning Tools of the Trade – The Bosun’s Chair

The Bosun’s Chair – Every Window Cleaner’s Best Friend

Vital to Commercial Window Cleaning in London is the Bosun’s Chair. There’s no way you’d be able to clean all the windows on all the tall glass fronted buildings in Central London without one. Here at Millards Cleaning Services our Window Cleaners probably spend more time sat in a Bosun’s Chair than anywhere else. Even the pub!

Window Cleaning in London using a Bosun's Chair

All London Window Cleaners will be skilled in using a Bosun's Chair

The Bosun’s Chair originated in the Navy. A Boatswain is a warrant officer in the British or US Navy, or a subordinate officer in the merchant navy, responsible for most things that happened on the deck of a boat. A Bosun’s Chair was originally designed to haul a sailor up the mast on a halyard to do repair work or inspect the rigging. The first chairs were simply wooden planks with stout lines passing underneath it and up into a bridle at chest level. Early versions suffered from having no back support meaning that sailors would have only one hand to work with, the other holding on for dear life so you didn’t fall backwards out of the chair.

A sailor in a Bopsun's Chair later adopted by Window Cleaners all over London

A sailor in a Bopsun's Chair later adopted by Window Cleaners all over London

Window Cleaner’s Tools

Nowadays, fabric chairs are most common, with comfortable backs and padded seats for today’s pampered derriers. It’s virtually impossible to fall out of one now, leaving both hands free for work. Some models even have tool straps and built in pockets tailored specifically for the needs of the user. Our Window Cleaners have room for their squeegees, buckets, and chamois leathers. Everything they need to clean the windows of any building in London.

Office Cleaners in London

If you need Office Cleaners or Window Cleaners in London, look no further than Millards Cleaning Services. Established in London in 1919, and based in Covent Garden, Millards Cleaning Services offer you professional, highly trained Office Cleaners and Window Cleaners at a competitive rate.

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Cleaners To Play Vital Role In Cleaning Up 2012 Olympics

Cleaners and security staff are set to play a large role in next year’s Olympics, by informing on doping cheats during the summer’s games.

Anti-doping officials have said that they’ll be training cleaners and other staff to spot suspicious behaviours and material, and encouraging them to report any findings.

Next year’s games will see a record 5,000 tests for performance enhancing drugs and researchers believe that testing based on intelligence gleamed from cleaning staff, as well as law enforcement officers will be more effective than ever before.

Anti-doping officials maintain that even with a “world record” amount of testing, the chances of catching any cheats are still very slim.

Speaking at a meeting in London, Jonathan Harris said that gathering as much information as possible from as many sources as possible, was paramount to catching as many doping athletes as possible. And this was where the cleaners came in.

“There will be intelligence sources coming from security and from cleaning for example – these are functional areas that have been involved in anti-doping in previous games, we will be educating those personnel in those functional areas so that if they should come across behaviours that are untoward they share that information with us”

There have been a number of occasions in previous Olympics where cleaning staff have come across materials that may have been evidence of doping. For example, at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, cleaners found blood transfusion equipment in the rubbish of a house that was being used by the Austrian Ski Team, who later had several team members banned for failing doping tests.